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Greenstick Fractures

A greenstick break is a kind of broken bone. A bone splits on one side in particular, not completely through the bone. It is known as a “greenstick” crack since it can resemble a branch that has broken and fragmented on one side.

Who Gets Greenstick Fractures?

Most greenstick cracks occur in kids more youthful than 10 years of age on the grounds that their bones are gentler and more adaptable than grown-up bones.

In adolescents and grown-ups, the damage may make the bone break completely through. In any case, in kids, the bone breaks on one side as it were.

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How Do Greenstick Fractures Happen?

Greenstick cracks as a rule happen when somebody falls and arrives at a hand out to cushion the fall.

How Are Greenstick Fractures Treated?

Generally, orthopedic authorities treat this sort of break with a cast.

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